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We combine Tax Credits and Stimulus funding with our smart strategies that results in happy outcome for every business.
Most mistaken Tax Benefit...
According to Forbes, ERC is a misunderstood tax benefit – with small and medium business owners and managers of charities either not knowing about the ERC or being wrong (or more likely outdated) about what they do know. Business owners and charity managers wrongly think ERC is only for entities that are in distress/under water.

In practice, we found that an extremely broad range of businesses are good candidates for the ERC – including restaurants, manufacturing, construction, food industry, healthcare – and when it comes to charities/tax exempts – churches, museums, food kitchens, schools, are just the start of the list.
You Took PPP Loans
Your business took the SBA PPP Loans and/or qualified for forgiveness.
You are Non-Profit
Your organization is certified C-3 Non-Profit.
Essential Business
Your business was deemed essential and never closed its doors.
You were Profitable
Your business was profitable during the Pandemic.
  • Employee Retention Tax Credits
    • $26,000 per full time employee in tax credits
    • Accurate, Compliant, Audit ready and Accessible.
    • Optimized for you to receive a maximum return
    • Trusted by 100's of businesses and CPA firms
  • Research & Development Credits
    • Save up to $250,000 for your business from R&D
    • Accurate, Compliant and Secure
    • Tech-enabled filing services
    • Maximum returns guaranteed
  • Work Opportunity Tax Crdits
    • Get up to $9,600 per employee with work opportunity credit
    • Credit that's available to employers that support diversity
    • Fully compliant tax credit filing services
  • Employee Betterment Tax Credits
    • Receive up to $590 on all employee each year
    • Employees receive up to $1800 per year
    • Employees receive free access to health and wealth portals
Our Results for Clients
Here's just a few examples of how we've helped
  • $2 Million
    for a Primary care and telehealth medical practice in Boston, MA
  • $1.3 Million
    for a Home care agency in Philadelphia suburb, PA
  • $784,000
    for a last mile delivery company in suburbs of Pittsburg, PA
  • $234,000
    for a pre-kindergarten school in suburbs of Philadelphia, PA