Turbo Charge your HSA
We pay for your medical cost that Health Insurance or Medicare Will Not
Receive better health benefits at a lower cost with HSA Turbo. When a Medical Service needs to be paid
Swipe your Pre-Paid Visa card at the point of service.

For every $1 of contribution you receive $2 worth of benefits.
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How Individuals Can Insure For A High Deductible?

Instead of putting $140 a month into a bank account, suppose people instead set aside the money in the Health account. After 12 months, they will have paid $1,680. For that amount, they will have coverage for the first $1,980 of medical expenses.

In other words, you are getting $1.17 in medical benefits for every $1.00 you pay in contributions, on the average in year 1.

Year 2, you get more than $3 of coverage for every $1 contributed.

Year 3, you get almost $7 of coverage for every $1 contributed.

After 35 months of contributions, people with no medical bills will have their own medical coverage that completely fills the $10,000 deductible gap.

April 2020

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